Boat Acquisition

Not only do we sell boats
– we ensure satisfied buyers

After financing has been obtained from the bank or finance company, an agreement is made for a specific time for takeover, trial sail and demonstration of the boat’ss functions.

Survey and trial sail
The survey and trial sail are usually undertaken together with the boat’s owner or an employee of Tempo Baadsalg.
When the boat has been demonstrated and surveyed, it is lifted out of the water for the buyer to check and approve the underwater hull.

Purchase and delivery certificate
The purchase and delivery certificate is signed, possibly with conditions and comments if the survey of the boat has led to comments on problems or defects that must be repaired at the seller’s/buyer’s expense within an agreed time frame.

Remaining balance
The remaining balance is then paid in cash or financing documents are signed. The boat has now changed owner and the insurance obligation passes to the buyer.

Tempo Baadsalg is pleased to provide customers with advice and referrals to financing and insurance companies, etc.

Worth knowing when buying a pre-owned boat
The purchase of a boat is subject to the terms and provisions of The Danish Sale of Goods Act on consumer purchases unless otherwise indicated.

There can be cases in which boats are sold with exemption of liability. This will be indicated in the sales information, and is generally for transactions involving estate sales, banks or finance companies.

Purchase through Tempo Baadsalg
The purchase of a pre-owned boat through Tempo Baadsalg is either a direct purchase or with Tempo Baadsalg as broker.

When the right boat has been found with expert guidance and has been inspected and checked by the buyer, the procedure is as follows:

Conditional purchase agreement
The conditional purchase agreement is signed, usually conditional on the functionality of the boat, its instrumentation and motor at time of purchase, and perhaps the buyer’s possibility of obtaining financing.

If the buyer wishes an evaluation and inspection by an impartial boat consultant this is undertaken at the buyer’s own expense.

Upon signing the agreement, 10% of the total purchase price is paid in cash, by debit card or bank transfer.

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